Build your own Bubbles Bar for Brunch, Dallas!

Hey Dallas! Next time your order a mimosa with us during brunch…. customize and build your own! Each & every Sunday enjoy our ‘Build your own Bubbles’ bar from 10:30-3pm during brunch hours. Take advantage of syrups, shrubs, grilled fruit and so much more! See you this Sunday!


The Classic American Cocktail, The Sazerac.

“This McKinney Avenue bar is, above all, accessible for a wide variety of drinkers. Which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s through places like Nickel & Rye where the public often first comes across the more-accessible versions of a classic cocktail. Nickel & Rye’s sazerac falls right in line with this thinking.

Instead of a typical rye whiskey, Nickel & Rye uses High West Double Rye to further deepen the dry aspects of the drink. With that dry edge, they then soften the drink up a bit and turned to a Remy Martin VSOP champagne cognac to do just that. Add in some house-made simple syrup — “It really helps to make cocktails more craft-like,” bartender Marie Stinson says — and, from there, it’s just what you’d expect with the bitters and garnish.

What these slight twists to the original accomplish are a unique, softer sazerac. The addition of the Cognac helps to deepen the flavor profile with the sweetness of the grapes.

Not everything has to be so rough-and-tumble all the time, you guys.”


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